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本文摘要:新观点英语(三)28课上接《新观点英语(三)28课词汇语法句型最权威全析全解(1)》新观点英语(三)28课词汇语法句型最权威全析全解(2)★★★★4. I had no intention of buying one, but I could not conceal the fact that I was impressed by the size of the diamonds. 我基础不想买,但我不能掩饰这样一个事实:其钻石之大给我留下了深刻的印象。


新观点英语(三)28课上接《新观点英语(三)28课词汇语法句型最权威全析全解(1)》新观点英语(三)28课词汇语法句型最权威全析全解(2)★★★★4. I had no intention of buying one, but I could not conceal the fact that I was impressed by the size of the diamonds. 我基础不想买,但我不能掩饰这样一个事实:其钻石之大给我留下了深刻的印象。重点句型剖析本句是是一个并列复合句,but引出来的分句中“that I was impressed by the size of the diamonds”是一个同位语从句,说明先行词fact的内容。“我不能掩饰的一个事实是那颗钻石之大给我留下了深刻的印象。

”had no intention of buying 没有做某事的计划intention: 意图。An intention is an idea or plan of what you are going to do.The company has every intention of keeping the share price high.该公司有将自己的股票保持在高价的意图。It is my intention to remain in my position until a successor is elected.我的计划是我继续留任直到选出接棒人。牢固搭配have no intention of doing something不计划have every intention of doing something计划强调If you say that you have no intention of doing something, you are emphasizing that you are not going to do it. If you say that you have every intention ofdoing something, you are emphasizing that you intend to do it.I have no intention of allowingyou to continue living here alone.我不计划让你继续独自生活在这里。

B. conceal 掩盖; 隐藏,及物动词1. V-T If you conceal something, you cover it or hide it carefully.Frances decided to conceal the machine behind a wall.弗朗西丝决议把那台机械藏到一堵墙的后面。————2. 隐瞒 (信息); 掩饰 (情感),及物动词 V-T If you conceal a piece of information or a feeling, you do not let other people know about it.Robert could not conceal his relief.罗伯特掩饰不住自己如释重负的心情。————3. 遮盖,及物动词V-T If something conceals something else, it covers it and prevents it from being seen....a pair of carved Indian doors which conceal a built-in cupboard.…一扇遮挡嵌入壁橱的印度式雕花门。

C. I was impressed by sth. 某人某物给我留下了深刻的印象impress:给…留下深刻印象;使钦佩 to cause someone to admire or respect you because of something that you have done or said♥I remember when I was a child being very impressed with how many toys she had. 我记得小时候我对她有那么多的玩具羡慕不已。♥♥Your mother was clearly not impressed by our behaviour in the restaurant.你妈妈对我们在餐馆的行为显然没有好印象。♥♥♥He tried to impress me with his extensive knowledge of wine. 他想以自己在葡萄酒方面的渊博知识让我对他另眼相看。♥非正式用法formalI'm afraid the new theatre fails to impress. 恐怕这座新戏院不会受到瞩目。

♥impress sth on/upon sb , to make someone understand or be familiar with the importance or value of something 使(某人)明确…的重要性(或价值)♥Mr Song tried to impress on me how much easier my life would be if I were better organized. 宋先生力争让我明确,如果我能更有条理,我的生活会更清闲。——————♥♥♥♥♥——————★★★★★5. Some of them were as big as marbles.The man went to great lengths to prove that the diamonds were real.As we were walking past a shop, he held a diamond firmly against the window and made a deep impression in the glass. It took me over half an hour to get rid of him.有的钻石像玻璃球那么大。那人勉力想证明那些钻石是真货。我们途经一家商店时,他将一颗钻石使劲地往橱窗上一按,在玻璃上留下一道深痕。

我花了半个多小时才挣脱了他的纠缠。重点句型语法剖析The man went to great lengths to prove that...谁人人尽心尽力的要证实...go to great / any length(s) to do sth. 意为“想尽一切措施”、“尽最大He promised that he would goto great lengths to help us to solve problem. 他允许他会努力资助我们解决这个难题。♥♥Nowadays mothers all went to any length to satisfy the demands of his son. 当今妈妈们都尽了一切努力满足孩子的要求。♥♥♥They will go to any length to keep Jack from getting a date with Mary. 他们将竭尽全力阻止杰克跟玛丽约会。

Having gone through ups and downs with her boyfriend, she will go to great lengths to make sure her wedding perfect. 和未婚夫履历了许多曲折后,她想方设法要举行一个完美的婚礼★★★★★ ★6. The next man to approach me was selling expensive pens and watches. I examined one of the pens closely. It certainly looked genuine. At the base of the gold cap, the words 'made in the U.S.A.' had been neatly inscribed. 向我兜销的第二小我私家是卖名贵钢笔和手表的。我仔细察看了一枝钢笔,那看上去确实不假,金笔帽下方整齐地刻有“美国制造”字样。genuine,adjectivegenuine1 真正的;非伪造的;名副其实的If something is genuine, it is real and exactly what it appearsto be genuine leather真皮If it is a genuine Qi Baishi drawing, it will sell for millions. 如果这幅画是齐白石的真迹,它的售价将会达数百万。

2 真诚的;老实的;真心的 If people or emotions are genuine, they are honest and sincereHe's a very genuine person. 他为人很真诚。genuinely 确实;简直I'm genuinely sorry for what I said, I really am. 我对我说过的话表现真诚的歉意,真的很对不起。genuineness (某类事物的)真品Those boots sure look like the genuine article. 这靴看上去简直像是货真价实的正品。

★★★★★ ★★7. The man said that the pen was worth &50, but as a special favour, he would let me have it for 30 pounds. 那人说那支笔值50英镑,作为特别优惠,他愿意让我出30英镑成交。重点句型语法词汇分析本句是一个并列复合句,第一个分句The man said that the pen was worth &50是一个主从复合句,其中that the pen was worth &50是said的宾语从句;第二个分句but as a special favour, he would let me have it for 30 pounds是一个简朴句。重点单词favour SUPPORT支持1 [U] the support or approval of something or someone 支持;赞同These plans are unlikely to find favour unless the cost is reduced.这些计划除非缩减用度,否则不大可能获得支持。

She is out of favour (= unpopular) with her colleagues. 她在同事当中人缘欠好。Her economic theories are in favour (= popular) with the current government. 她的经济理论获得现政府的赞同。

He sent her presents in an attempt to win her favour.他向她赠送礼物,企图博得她的好感。2 in your favourWhen something is in your favour, it gives you an advantage 有利于(某人),有助于(某人)This candidate has a lot in her favour, especially her experience of teaching. 这位求职者有许多优势,尤其是她执教的履历。3 a kind action that you do for someone 资助;好事;恩惠She rang up to ask me a favour. 她打电话来让我帮个忙。

Could you do me a favour - would you feed my cat this weekend? 你能帮我个忙——这周末帮我喂猫吗?5 赞同;较喜欢These are the running shoes favoured by marathon runners.这些是马拉松选手喜爱的跑鞋。In the survey, a majority of people favoured higher taxes and better public services over (= rather than) tax cuts.观察显示,大多数人赞同提高税收并改善公共服务事业,不赞成削减税收。2 to give an advantage to someone or something, in an unfair way 优惠;偏袒;特别照顾A strong wind will favour the bigger boats. 强风对大船有利。

She always felt that her parents favoured her brother. 她总以为怙恃偏向弟弟。favour 给予(某人)… adjectivefavour sb with sth , to be polite and kind enough to give something to someoneI've no idea what is happening. David has not favoured me with an explanation. 我不清楚是怎么回事——戴维没有给我任何解释。★★★★★ ★★★8. I shook my head and held up a finger indicating that I was willing to pay a pound.我摇摇头,伸出一根手指表现我只愿出一镑钱。

重点句型语法词汇分析本句是一个简朴句其中indicating作陪同便说明“shook my head and held up a finger”摇头,伸出一根手指的所代表的意思,“that I was willing to pay a pound”作indicating的宾语从句。indicate 讲明A. 及物动词(VT) to show, point or make clear in another way 标示;讲明Investigations have indicated large amounts of oil below the sea bed. 勘察观察讲明海床下有大量的石油。B. [ indicate + question word] Please indicate birthday gift you would like to receive. 请标出你想要哪种生日礼物。

C. [ indicate + ( that)]She indicated to me (that) she didn't want me to accept anything. 她向我表现希望我什么都不要接受。D. 发信号 [Iv or Tv] UK to show other road users that you intend to turn left or right when you are driving a car 打转向灯指示(车行偏向)E. SUGGEST 表示,讲明,建议;显示A survey of retired people has indicated that most are independent and enjoying life.一项对退休人员的观察讲明,他们中的大部门人生活自立而愉快。F. 表示,及物动词,VTIf you indicate an opinion, an intention, or a fact, you mention it in an indirect way.Mr. Rui has indicated that he may resign.瑞先生已经表示他可能要告退。

G. 象征; 代表,及物动词VT: If one thing indicates something else, it is a sign of that thing.Dreams can help indicate your true feelings.梦能代表你的真实情感。★★★★★ ★★★★9. Gesticulating wildly, the man acted as if he found my offer outrageous, but he eventually reduced the price to &10. 那人激动地打着手势,好像我的出价使他不能容忍。但他终于把价钱降到了10英镑。

重点句型语法剖析本句是一个并列复合句。第一个分句 是 Gesticulating wildly, the man acted as if he found my offer outrageous,其主句是the man acted,as if 引导方式状语从句修饰主句。A. gesticulate, meaning to make movements with your hands or arms, to express something or to emphasize what you are saying (说话时)做手势,用手势表达,用行动(或姿态)示意There was a man outside the window gesticulating wildly. 有小我私家在窗外拼命地做手势。

If you gesticulate, usually, you make movements with your arms or hands, often while you are describing something that is difficult to express in words. 打手势A man with a paper hat upon his head was gesticulating wildly.一个戴纸帽的男子在拼命地打手势。The architect was gesticulating at a hole in the ground.那位修建师对着地上的一个洞打手势。gesticulation [C or U]We communicated mainly by signs, gesticulation, and mime.我们主要通过信号、手势和哑剧行动来交流。B. outrageous无法接受的; 骇人的;无耻的; adjective1. shocking and morally unacceptableThese prices are just outrageous (= much too high).这些价钱高得吓人。

The judge criticized the "outrageous greed" of some of the lawyers.法官品评有些状师“无耻贪婪”。[ it's outrageous + that]It is outrageous that these buildings remain empty while thousands of people have no homes.这些大楼空着,而成千上万的人却无家可归,这真是令人难以容忍。

describes something or someone that is shocking because they are unusual or strange (因反常或怪异)吓人的,惊人的,令人震惊的outrageous clothes奇装异服outrageous behaviour 怪异的举止an outrageous character 怪人outrageously 副词adverb.outrageously high prices高得吓人的价钱★★★★★ ★★★★★10. Shrugging my shoulders, I began to walk away when, a moment later, he ran after me and thrust the pen into my hands. 我耸耸肩膀掉头走开了,这时,仅仅一会儿功夫,他突然从后追了上来,硬把笔塞到我手里。语言要点剖析本句是一个并列句,其中when作为并列连词引导并列句翻译为“这时候.....,而不是时间状语从句,...he ran after me and thrust the pen into my hands. 他追上我,硬把那一支笔塞到了我手里。

thrust 强迫(某人)接受不规则动词 thrust,thrust , thrusting1 to push suddenly and strongly 推挤;刺;戳;插入She thrust the money into his hand.她把钱塞进他手中。They thrust a mobilephone in front of me and fired questions at me. 他们把手机推到我眼前,不停向我发问。


She thrust the papers at me (= towards me).她把报纸塞给我。Fatherhood had been thrust on him. 他身不由己当了父亲。

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★11. Though he kept throwing up his arms in despair, he readily accepted the pound I gave him. 虽然他绝望地举起双手,但他绝不迟疑地收下了我付给他的一镑钱。语法要点分析本句是一个主从复合句,though引导让步状语从句修饰主句,“he readily accepted the pound I gave him”,在主句中又含有一个省略which或that的定语从句“I gave him”。

despair /dɪˈspɛə/ 绝望 : 不行数名词 N-UNCOUNT: Despair is the feeling that everything is wrong and that nothing will improve.I looked at my wife in despair.我绝望地看着妻子。despair 绝望,作及物动词: V-IIf you despair, you feel that everything is wrong and that nothing will improve.“ I despair sometimes," he says in mock sorrow.我有时会绝望。

”他冒充伤心地说。despair 绝望,作及物动词: VIdespair of 对…绝望If you despair of something, you feel that there is no hope that it will happen or improve. If you despair of someone, you feel that there is no hope that they will improve.He wished to earn a living through writing but despaired of doing so.他原想通过写作营生,但却对此绝望了。★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★12. I felt especially pleased with my wonderful bargain--until I got back to the ship. 在回到船上之前,我一直为我的绝妙的讨价还价而洋洋自得。


例如:I have worked here until the new factory was completed.★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★13. No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to fill this beautiful pen with ink and to this day it has never written a single word ! 然而不管我如何摆弄,那枝漂亮的钢笔就是吸不进墨水来。直到今天,那枝笔连一个字也没写过!句型语法要点剖析本句是一个并列表,No matter how hard I tried 是让步状语从句,主句用and毗连的两个并列句。

fill this beautiful pen with ink 给钢笔灌墨水fill sth with sth.=be filled with sth.新观点英语第三册第28课,与其他所有课文相比力,无论是词汇、句型还是语法都是最经典,内容最富厚的一篇课文。希望朋侪们认真学习之。接待文后赞赏。